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Thanks for contributing to Esolang! A programming language is a formal language, which comprises a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. This is a list of esoteric languages that are not of any interest except for potential humor value. Generally speaking, they are completely unusable for programming even in theory, trivial and less interesting variations on existing esoteric languages, or too underspecified to determine any potential usability.

For esoteric languages that are potentially interesting in some way, or that are actually capable of running programs and producing a useful output, see the normal list of esoteric languages.

Like for that other list, items here will eventually be removed if they don't link to a page on this wiki.

General languages

  • !!SuperPrime
  • ###
  • ( - a language that is only usable when the current user dies.
  • * Use Asterisks to do everything.
  • ***
  • +- Also named ID and IDPL
  • +-= Modification of +-
  • +-=*/!&# Modification of +-=
  • 2014 might theoretically have been usable for an entire year, but was only used for three and a half hours before it faded into uselessness.
  • 2017 is a 2014 derivative.
  • 42 is a family of ex-nihilo self-interpreting Gödel numbering languages.
  • 420 is a Chicken derivative that only works on the 20th of April.
  • APLBAONWSJAS is a simple program designed to create interpreters
  • APLWSI is a programming language with the smallest interpreter in the world.
  • Assemblei You thought assembly was hard? Introducing Assemblei cause why not?
  • Aperture A language inspired by how AI designers in Portal attached personalities to a central agent
  • B#
  • Babbage is a language almost entirely unlike Ada.
  • Baby Language does something random; you run it repeatedly until it does what you want.
  • Basilisk is the only language which will summon a literal snake.
  • Baz
  • Beecode But every "bee" prints out the first sentence of the bee movie script.
  • Bitxtreme can only address two bits of memory.
  • BOREDOM, not enough code try again.
  • Boobeans A normal language but the booleans betray you.
  • Cactusi, cacti are lit.
  • Cheese++ is based on cheese. It is a Cheese+ derivative.
  • C-Hex is based on EarthBound CCS control codes.
  • Compute can solve any problem and process any kind of data.
  • CPL allows nearly all types of comment syntaxes, but nothing else.
  • CRalphabet takes varying numbers of '\n' as commands.
  • Crazy uses reverse alphabet integers to print lines of code. Everything is reversed.
  • CurSorn2 works in somewhat undefined and random ways.
  • Cut counts by the instruction number.
  • D♭♭
  • Danica A very complicated Input system with a very easy output system!
  • Deadfish is a very odd language, that has an output stream but not an input one.
  • Deadfish x is a superset of the XKCD variant of Deadfish.
  • Deadfish~ is a super-set of Deadfish, only it does not have any standard shell.
  • DeadPig is a version of Pig where the pig has died.
  • Dig straight down like an idiot | Dig but it’s Minecraft logic style.
  • doEverything(); can do anything and everything, including everything.
  • Doug
  • DUCK is a language where any program does stuff according to the interpreter.
  • Esketit is a programming language designed to look like Lil Pump’s song "Esketit"
  • Esme
  • Esolangs executes programs in any esoteric language, given they are categorized as Implemented.
  • Eternity can do anything, but needs infinite time to decode and launch.
  • Feta has only one instruction, which prints a message
  • Fetlang is designed such that source code looks like poorly written fetish erotica.
  • FISHQ9+ is a superset of Deadfish, extended by HQ9+
  • Furcode is a furry-based Programming language that just sucks...
  • Golf Cheat
  • GolfJoke
  • GreeeeeeeeenText A language where all code is in 4chan greentext meme format.
  • Hell69, a language that's a pain to code in.
  • Hipster is a language you already know about if you're anyone worth knowing
  • History is based on an esoteric data structure with the same name, created just for fun.
  • HQ9funge - the language that was designed to make the programmer's life worse.
  • huh? doesn't understand what you want it to do.
  • huh?++ takes misunderstanding to the next level.
  • IANAL, the language of legal contracts.
  • IBC Never to be programmed in, ever
  • if(j)invert()if(l)change()if(q)input()if(t)output(x);
  • If the question specifies that the number of the words should be less than 3, and the number of words in your answer is larger than 3, your answer is automatically wrong. If the question specifies that the number of the words should be less than 3, and the number of words in your answer is larger than 3, your answer is automatically wrong.
  • Increment can increment accumulators
  • Initialization can only initialize its variables
  • Intercal Possibly the least intuitive language ever - created as a joke at Princeton in '72, it now has compilers on most platforms.
  • InterpretMe Which has no use other than a self-interpreter
  • IRP depends on the civility, knowledge, and presence of fellow IRP programmers.
  • i®™ follows a negative number of rules that Microsoft made up.
  • JarJarScript A language where all code is in Jar Jar Binks' grammer.
  • Jeeves is a language based on the way a stereotypical English butler would talk.
  • Kate do you like that name?
  • Keys Insert keys.
  • LifeScript is a family of, sadly unimplemented, languages to describe real-life activity in a text document.
  • Line Feed is made of only newlines

  • Livefish is a language that has no output compared to Deadfish.
  • LMBC, a language created by Cortex, is a language made by Cortex that Cortex created.
  • Losescript is a golfing language that makes you lose golfing contests.
  • Magritte has only one legal program, which claims not to be one.
  • MaybeNumericBatch Similar To Numeric Batch In Every way shape and Form except It only sometimes works :D
  • Merthese produces correct output only when the random seed is right.
  • Minimum is like Unlambda, but with no primitive combinators.
  • mugh brains has ZOMBIES!!
  • Multiply can only multiply values with a limited set of numbers.
  • Ndef++ You have to be in the know.
  • Nil translates anything into a NO-OP.
  • No Denies any legal argument you try to parse
  • Nope. The program thinks your argument is invalid.
  • NOT A PROGRAM is a program that apparently used to exist, but it actually doesn't.
  • Nullary accepts no parameters or input from the user and uses the current time as the basis for what it does
  • OREO you can cook cookies.
  • Paranoid Programming Language (some kind of joke, for sure.)
  • Parrot was a supposed collaboration between the authors of Perl and Python that was announced as an April Fools' Day prank. It later became a virtual machine intended for use with dynamic programming languages.
  • Pig is a language with only one keyword, which is its title.
  • Poop
  • PP_TIBSA has a suicidal interpreter and only one valid program.
  • PUBERTY is supposed to resemble a masturbation procedure.
  • PUPPY is the language that only puppies can understand.
  • QKAS is a language similar to the QWERTY Keyboard Dot Language.
  • Quiler is a language in which all programs are Quiler compilers
  • Quine is a language where everything is a quine.
  • QuinePig, a variant of the language Pig where every program is a quine
  • QWERTY Keyboard Dot Language is a programming language that does everything you want, but forces you to write in dots.
  • Qwote, a language that quotes a quote.
  • Randwork is a language that does something each statement.
  • RELATIONS is very romantic and useless language
  • Robolang is a language made specifically for robots! Now you can communicate using Beeps and Boops!
  • Sacred is a language that is constituted only of the parenthesis characters and the space. Nonetheless, it *is* Turing complete.
  • Seed is a language based on random seeds.
  • Shatner is a language that cack-handedly processes inputs based on some example inputs and outputs.
  • Shishkirism feel this religion
  • SickPig, a version of the language Pig that is sick.
  • small - language with the goal of having large and hard to read sourcecode.
  • Smalllang - made User:Hanzlu capitulate
  • SolboScript
  • SpaghettiScript, A language designed to look like spaghetti.
  • Tamalbolge
  • Text
  • TP A language where you use toilet paper for calculations.
  • Trans-dimensional is a neat language where you can create dimensions to put your useless data in and take them out if really really needed.
  • TroJavaScript This is just JavaScript, right? That's not what I wanted my program to do!
  • Tttt really can’t do anything. Well, you will see.
  • Tweet is a social networking programming language.
  • Ummm... Tries to output, but forgets what it's doing.
  • Unnecessary requires the non-existence of the program file to work.
  • User talk:Language makes fun of this wiki's user talks.
  • Vague does something.
  • W
  • WHY was developed to prove to somebody that compiled doesn't mean fast.
  • Wishmaster is a language in which could make one's wishes true. Its interpreter is pure coincidence and its executed by cosmic-scale fate.
  • worstscript also known as sausage language, is interpreted in PHP and preferably run in a virtual machine. Has goto statements!
  • X
  • Your screams at any programmer who spells "You're"
  • Your Pillows are in fact joke languages! (The name looks hilarious.)
  • Zull

Brainfuck derivatives

Example-based languages

i.e., languages which make it easy to write programs used as typical examples for new languages, but little else.

Lesser known programming languages

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