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ReadArticle is an esolang by User:None1 and inspired by English, it has the power to do anything that is mentioned on this wiki.


Every program has only one command: the name of an article on this wiki. If the article does not exist or the program consists of more than 1 line, a syntax error is raised.


An interpreter of this esolang reads the corresponding article, then do something about it, for example, if the article is an esolang, it interprets that esolang, if the article is a problem, it solves that problem, if the article is a category, it modifies how the esolang works so that it qualifies the category, and so on.

Computational class

It is Turing complete, because the following program interprets brainfuck:


It is uncomputable, because the following program interprets (:



Hello World

Hello World



Self interpreter


Be a brainfuck derivative

Category:Brainfuck derivatives


The mostly used interpreter for ReadArticle is a human, however, it cannot run uncomputable programs, and also, some humans are not smart enough to understand certain articles.