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Welcome to Esolang, the esoteric programming languages wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to the fostering and documentation of programming languages designed to be unique, difficult to program in, or just plain weird.

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For readers

You'll probably want to find out what on earth an esoteric programming language is in the first place.

Then, you might want to explore the complete list of languages, or find something more specific with the categories.

You could also visit the joke language list, which lists languages that can't even be programmed in.

Failing that, you could take a look at a completely random page.

Featured language

One of the best-known esoteric programming languages, brainfuck boils down the concept of an imperative language to just eight commands, using an infinite tape to store data rather than separate variables, and boiling down control flow to nothing but while loops. Although the language is famously hard to read, consisting of nothing but punctuation marks, it is perhaps one of the best-studied esolangs in terms of writing programs, with many algorithms having been developed for development in it. It is particularly easy to implement as programming languages go, with its imperative paradigm reminiscent of most more widely used languages, making brainfuck a common first language for new esoprogrammers, and leading to the creation of a vast number of derivatives. (more…)

Previously featured: Deadfish · Emmental · Malbolge · Glass · more…

For creators

If you've just created a language, you can create an article for it by typing its name into the search box, but be sure to take a look at the help guide first. Then you should add it to the language list (or the joke language list, as appropriate).

If you haven't got that far yet, take a look at the list of ideas for inspiration.

Otherwise, you could help out with a work in progress.


Since April 2005, 2,038 articles have been created by 55,081 edits, including 1,243 esoteric languages. There are 6,147 registered users, but most of them are spambots.

Enjoy being locked in your matrix of solidity.