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This is a list of esoteric languages that are completely unusable for programming even in theory, trivial and less interesting variations on existing esoteric languages, or too underspecified to determine any potential usability. Generally speaking, they are not of any interest except for potential humor value.

For esoteric languages that are potentially interesting in some way, or that are actually capable of running programs and producing a useful output, see the normal list of esoteric languages.

Like for that other list, items here will eventually be removed if they don't link to a page on this wiki.

General languages

Horribly translated variants

Un-understandable variants of non-esolangs or esolangs.

Error simulators

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Brainfuck derivatives

Example-based languages

i.e., languages which make it easy to write programs used as typical examples for new languages, but little else.

Lesser known programming languages

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