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Furcode is a joke programming language made by User:Oklomsy

Furcode is a furry-based programming language, There are two interpreters. The original interpreter was made by using Bash, However it is broken, and outdated and there is another interpreter made with JavaScript that works way better and it has more commands, the JavaScript Interpreter was made by Sparksammy.

Furcode commands

First things first, you will need to import this javascript into your HTML project.
Then, these are the original commands:
"In furcode there are only two commands.
owo and uwu.
owo is the print command
uwu is for comparing two values and printing something"
But there is now uwuEval. uwuEval is like uwu except it executes code after it finds something equal.
Also, there's fursuit and fursuitEval, fursuit is the opposite of uwu. Where uwu checks for equality, this checks for inequality.

Be sure to run your code like: fureval("code") !


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