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A picture of me in the wild

Hello! Welcome to my page, I am Oklomsy I am the creator of

  • Furcode #BetterProgrammingForFurries
  • Robolang Robots can now program!
  • Beecode Every "bee" prints out the first sentence of the bee movie script.
  • Danica A horrible mess
  • Assemblei Assembly but it is a complete mess
  • boobeans A normal language but the booleans don't make sense.

I live in Denmark, and my life isn't interesting at all... I mostly make websites but for some reason, I ended up on Esolang and I was inspired by other languages and I made my own.

News and Stuff

Date: January 22th 2020
Achievement unlocked: More advanced interpreters. 
Well... I did it, I finally did it, I made a very complicated interpreter which was easy.
I never really thought this would be a daily part of my life, I thought I would just check once every week but apparently i love esoteric programming languages!!!
Date: January 20th 2020
Two languages in a day!
I made two languages in one day! Beecode and Danica. Danica took a bit more to write than Beecode but they're both made today!
Date: January 9th 2020
Hello! I am going to try to make more advanced interpreters once I learn More advanced JavaScript...
I know my interpreters are lazy.