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MindReadingFuck is a joke esoteric language created by User:Dart in 2019. It is loosely a brainfuck derivative.


MindReadingFuck is very easy to program in, as there are zero valid instructions. The way every MF program works is that the interpreter knows exactly what the user wants. It doesn't involve actual mind reading, it's just every single use of MF is pre-determined. In fact, it even knows exactly which inputs you will make, so you don't need to waste your time typing them in. There is no output though, since it's not required for turing-completeness. The only possible error that can occur is unexpected symbol.

Computational class

It's hard to compare instructions one by one, but here's a BF interpreter written in MF:

So the class is turing-complete or even greater. It's also the ultimate turing tarpit and BF instruction minimalization, that needs only zero instructions and zero symbols.

More recent proof shows the real class is uncomputable though.


Hello, World!

And the minimized version:


Fun fact: it's the only interpreter.


Palindrome "Hello, world!"

Solve the halting problem

Busy Beaver Function