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Basilisk is an esoteric programming language created by User:Vriskanon. It consists of only one command, execute, which can execute any executable program in any language. However, as a cost for using such an easy programming language, one must first fight a giant snake to the death.



The execute command is the only command in basilisk. When run, it will execute a program on your computer with that name in any language. For example, to execute the file '', one would use the following code:


Once the code gets to that point, a giant snake (often a basilisk) will be summoned near your computer. To actually execute the code, you must fight the snake to the death. Only when it dies will the execute command work.

If there are many execute commands within a program, one must fight a snake for each execute. One cannot just fight one big one to run all of the executes.

The size of the snake will vary depending on the size of the file, but the snake will always be 'giant'.

Sample programs

Hello, World!



This code will execute a Text program (all of which are quines).

execute Quine.txt

Programs that execute Text files tend to produce the smallest snakes.

Computational class

A Turing-machine interpreter can be written as:


(where is the interpreter of the Universal Turing Machine.)

The computational class of this language solely depends on the strength of the user.