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Ummm... is a programming language made by User: Areallycoolusername. It's a language that starts to execute your code fine, but then forgets what it's doing. In the case that you want to print 1 character to get around this, the compiler will forget it completely.

Command Function
S Switch that activates code, but reduces code memory
P Print strings, integers, and floats.

Code is stored in cells as letters. Each letter represents one number for example: A = 1 and B = 2. Any value beyond "I" or 9 is stored as two letters in seprate cells whose sum is equal to the omitted value. This is where the command S comes in. S activates the memory, but by doing so, reduces the memory tremendously. When you use the P command to print a string the individual letters of that string is stored in memory. When printing a number of any sort, it's stored in memory as letters also. The ouput of whatever code you put in will result in the first part of your text followed by "ummm...".

Here is a hello wold program in Ummm....

P "Hello, world!"

The output of this is:

Hello, ummm...

To avoid this problem, copy & paste the text neccecary for printing:

P "Hello, world!Hello, world!"

The output of this has a side-effect:

Hello, world!ummm...