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DOGO is one of the lesser known programming languages. In the original Usenet post, DOGO was described as follows:

Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Obedience Training, DOGO heralds a new era of computer-literate pets. DOGO commands include SIT, STAY, HEEL, and ROLL OVER. An innovative feature of DOGO is "puppy graphics," a small cocker spaniel that occasionally leaves a deposit as he travels across the screen.

An actual language has been created resembling DOGO, although it does not implement puppy graphics.

The facilities are equipollent to that of brainfuck, however, merely the navigational instructions SIT, which mimics [, and STAY, an equivalent of ], are expressed directly; the other six commands must be activated by aid of an internally managed operation, manipulated using ROLL-OVER and invoked with HEEL.

The commands for this language are:

Command Effect
SIT If the value of the current memory cell is 0, jump to STAY.
STAY If the value of the current memory cell is not 0, jump to SIT.
ROLL-OVER Select the next operation in the operation list.
HEEL Execute the currently selected operation.

The operations are:

Operation Effect brainfuck equivalent
0 Increment the current memory cell. +
1 Decrement the current memory cell. -
2 Move the pointer to the next memory cell. >
3 Move the pointer to the previous memory cell. <
4 Input a byte and store its ASCII code in the current memory cell. ,
5 Output the current memory cell as ASCII. .

See also

  • M?!, another esoteric programming language which barters explicit commands for a mode.

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