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Danica is a programming language made by User:Oklomsy

Danica uses a Python Interpreter which can be found further down this page.

Input System

Danica is special, It uses F's instead of readable words.

Letters won't be encoded by the interpreter, the developer has to do it manually.

Each letter is seperated with a space

a = f

b = ff

c = fff

d = ffff

e = fffff

f = ffffff

g = fffffff

h = ffffffff

i = fffffffff

(And so on.)


Danica has five commands

Print, Compare, Read, Greater and Small

Print prints to the console, and compare checks if two strings are equal, read reads a file and prints it to the console, Greater checks if something is greater than and smaller does the opposite.

They all must be encrypted, check the Input System section for more information.


Hello World Program:

ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff ffffffff ffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffff hello world!


New Interpreter: here (Recommended)

Old Interpreter: here (Not Recommended)