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For the compiled language by Viktor T. Toth, see W (Viktor T. Toth).

W is a programming language with various unnecessary, redundant, and useless commands. If the compiler encounters an error, the source code is encrypted into the SHA1 hashing algorithm, followed by one of the error codes listed below the commands list.

Every valid command in W with explanations (inputs replaced with X)

Feel free to add to this list

  • 1{X}: Prints the input (to the nearest available printer)
  • Zzq5(X): Prints the input to the console (Causes an error if input does not have less than 4 characters nor contains the letter Q.)
  • XFE55B1281X05B5F5BE6F7XFEC888FEX9488094D)_EF: Sets variable 1 to the 11th, 1st, 23rd, and 32nd letters of the command name (
  • jS####3$XXXXX$: Runs the input in JavaScript (limited to 5 characters)
  • De*&XZr3: If the input is "spacito", Despacito plays. If the input is "nmarkNationalAnthem", the national anthem of Denmark will play. Otherwise, an error will occur. Note that this means a W compiler would have to have a copy of both of those songs for it to be 100% functional.
  • MbD\X/: Runs the input in Malbolge, as well as generating 2 random numbers from 1 to 60000000. If the 2 random numbers do not add up to 49, an error will occur.
  • 4X: If the input is the name of a language, it will count to 4 in that language. Working languages include Igbo, Latin, Old French Sign Language, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Danish, and Arabic numerals encrypted into SHA256, converted to binary, encrypted into SHA1, and converted to octal (142062142061060143071067061066071063060142071065070067064067145064067060066063071070065062143070142144143061070145060, too lazy to do the rest)
  • &*&#%^&*&#: encrypt the input X with base-64. If the encrypted string is 'NinetyNine', output '99 bottles of beer on the wall...' etc. else output error
  • 8sfr2rd85dfr{X}: If the input is "error", an error will occur. Otherwise, an error will occur. If an error occur while executing this command, an error will occur. An error will occur only if it occur. Warning: this command is unstable and risk to cause an error if executed.

Error codes

  • Error 309: Zzq5 input does not contain the letter Q.
  • Error 56: Zzq5 input exceeds length limit
  • Error 111: There was a problem with your code that does not pertain to the Zzq5 command.
  • Error 99: Input syntax is incorrect
  • Error 111: You used the 8sfr2rd85dfr command
  • Error 0: It's impossible to have this error
  • Error 12: There's two errors 111
  • Error 9988: You just checked if there were two errors 111

An example of a program after encountering an error

Original code:


Code after error:

Error 309: Zzq5 input does not contain the letter Q.