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Bonar-- is an Esolang based on boner++ and made in python. It uses the .bonar file extention and uses python syntax.

Also dont us "is" in a sentence because it will cause errors.

Bonar-- Github


Command Python Keyword or Operator
gamming for
sonic while
shitpost in
hmm if
wtf else
wtmm elif
doitwork try
nah except
kaolo break
clobbong continue
gibin input
gebneralk class
chumbender def
jeff return
away -
yang +
perc %
deliberately_equals ==
bonar =
unfunwaa <
funwaa >
yote <=
yeet >=
xon and
detecotb or
fuck is
zenzi not
hpock import
tysob from
blorgia as
pungle with
anime True
no_anime False
soulLESS None
ban del
howdy print
zoom yield
troll lambda
ADL raise
oil pass
zoomer nonlocal
boomer global
doge finally
sus await
amongus assert
chungus async
blacksheets dict
thumbnail str
xomc int
dicde double
boatin float
touhou chr
osu map
reimu set
based max
cringe min
BrUH range
mips round
vig sum
pringle super
dino tuple
rshig zip
racoon type
dong len
balls list
jeb open
pipeline join
epyc file
skeet split
goof append
cock run
chumburger []
eburger empty string
sprite event
!! :
tree 3
})] (
[({ )
}]) [
([{ ]
)]} {
{[( }


Hello World

howdy})]'Howdy, World!'[({