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Designed by Linker-Error
Appeared in 2023
Computational class Unknown
Major implementations AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaEEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaa Source
File extension(s) None

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaEEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaa is a joke programming language created by User:Linker-Error. It consists of a 999 character program and a 26 byte memory tape. Each byte in the 26 byte tape can be referred to individually by an instruction.



  1. Capital Letter: Increments tape[letter]
  2. Lowercase Letter: Decrements tape[letter]


Let a represent the second character of the command, whatever it is.

  1. `a: Take single-character input and store it in tape[a].
  2. _a: Output the ascii value of tape[a].
  3. ^a: If tape[a] is equal to zero jump to another part of the program in some sort of orderly fashion that User:Linker-Error has forgotten the details to, and definitely hasn't just had that system malfunction and been to lazy to fix it.

Funny (Totally Intended) Quirks

  • After the execution of a multi-character instruction, the second character will still be interpreted as a single-character instruction.
  • If a single-character instruction isn't a letter and has an ASCII value greater than 122, it will write to a location out of bounds of the memory tape.
  • If a program is longer than 999 characters it will lead to undefined behaviour with (and possibly crashing of) the interpreter.
  • "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaEEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaa" is a valid program in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaEEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaa that will not lead to undefined behaviour but will do nothing.
  • In the process of programming the interpreter, User:Linker-Error's finger slipped and they deleted all unneccessary whitespace, renamed all the variables to one character names, defined a macro that set "E" to be interpreted as "else if" in the compiler. Doing so, User:Linker-Error accidentally obfuscated their code.

Hello World Program