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BurgerFlipper is an esoteric programming language designed by User: Zemeckis on 5th November, 2016. It is directly inspired of Brainfuck, however, every other command, other than the loop commands, must be flipped to an alternate command of alike meaning. Along with this, the final output of your program will be "Thank you burger flipper!"


Again, the compiler contains a flipper, that will flip every time a command other than loops is used. This means that normal, but pattern-incorrect characters are ignored until the proper flip is used.

The below table juxtaposes each brainfuck instruction with its BurgerFlipper equivalents, the latter of which bifurcates into two variants for the majority of the commands, the left token of which corresponds to the “unflipped” (original) state, while the right one pertains to the flipped.

Brainfuck BurgerFlipper
Unflipped Flipped
> > f
< < b
+ + a
- - s
. . o
, , i
[ [ [
] ] ]

Where in Brainfuck, the code to increment 10 bytes by 2 would look like this,


The BurgerFlipper code for the same action would look like



Hello, world!

BurgerFlipper's Hello World looks alike to Brainfuck's.


And the output would be

Hello World!
Thank you burger flipper!

Cat program

An infinitely repeating cat program is implemented in the following:



BurgerFlipper has about as much purpose as Brainfuck. Like Brainfuck, it is Turing Complete. It is very easy to convert Brainfuck to BurgerFlipper after the program is written in full, but to write a program exclusivley in BurgerFlipper takes a special kind of madness.


  • Common Lisp implementation of the BurgerFlipper programming language.