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Your Pillows , created by User:A,are esoteric programming languages directly based off pillows. It is somehow influenced by Beatnik. The name's case should be upper-case if this is at the start of a sentence; otherwise, it is lowercase.

Syntax of your pillows

Stanza Hello
(Hello is two syllables)
You also have your own pillow(s);
You also have your own [word].

A word can only contain lowercase letters, no hyphens or underlines, must be findable on a dictionary (i.e. must exist), and must be syntactically valid.

There are no an, the, a, um, and uh's allowed in a word.

USA is invalid, because it contains upper-case letters.

an ant is also invalid, because it contains spaces.

upper-case is also invalid, as it contains hyphens.

Your pillows are

  • based on syllables
  • pillows to navigate through stanzas
  • pillow to enter instructions
Too Noisy

Pillow Area
You also have your own pillows;
You also have your own too noisy.


1 syllable = read input to the stack
2 syllables = output the top of the stack
3 syllables = pop the value on the top of the stack
4 syllables = push the value indicated in the next pillow to the top of the stack
5 syllables = switch the top of the stack to the bottom