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Developers is a joke language that parodies an incident at a Microsoft Developer's conference where Steve Ballmer is supposed to have chanted the word developers at least 14 times in a row. It is basically Brainfuck with a few extensions. It appeared briefly in the Wikipedia in the beginning of 2006, but it has not reappeared anywhere since its deletion.


This trivial brainfuck substitution interpreter only does the BF part.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
eval ';'
    .gsub(/Developers|./,{|_, k| (k.length>1)?'o':' '; })
         'o' => 'm[p]+=1;',
         'oo' => 'm[p]-=1;',
         'ooo' => 'p+=1;',
         'oooo' => 'p-=1;',
         'ooooo' => 'm[p]=STDIN.getbyte if !STDIN.eof;',
         'oooooo' => 'putc m[p];',
         'ooooooo' => '(',
         'oooooooo' => ')while((m[p]&=255)!=0);')

External resources

  • A copy on an old revision of a page in a Uncyclopedia mirror. This is one of the few remaining copies of the language definition.
  • Python interpreter