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MaybeNumericBatch created by Shubshub :D

@echo off
call %1
set /a ran=%random%
if /i %ran% GTR 10 goto :ans
if /i %ran% LSS 1 goto :ans
if %ran%==2 goto maybe
if %ran%==6 goto maybe
goto run
set str=%str:?eighteen?=a%
set str=%str:?five?=b%
set str=%str:?one?=c%
set str=%str:?nineteen?=d%
set str=%str:?two?=e%
set str=%str:?four?=f%
set str=%str:?twentythree?=g%
set str=%str:?twenty?=h%
set str=%str:?fourteen?=i%
set str=%str:?sixteen?=j%
set str=%str:?twentyfive?=k%
set str=%str:?twentyfour?=l%
set str=%str:?twentyone?=m%
set str=%str:?nine?=n%
set str=%str:?twentytwo?=o%
set str=%str:?ten?=p%
set str=%str:?twentysix?=q%
set str=%str:?six?=r%
set str=%str:?three?=s%
set str=%str:?eight?=t%
set str=%str:?thirteen?=u%
set str=%str:?fifteen?=v%
set str=%str:?seven?=w%
set str=%str:?twelve?=x%
set str=%str:?eleven?=y%
set str=%str:?seventeen?=z%
set str=%str:?and?=&%
set str=%str:!q!=?%
goto run

It does everything NumericBatch does except it only "sometimes" works If the random number generator lands on either 2 or 6 then it will work :D