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Creator and Name

Tubsoil is a joke language created by the user: User:Esolang1. The name is the initials of The Ultimate Brainfuck Style One Instruction Language. As the name points out, this language only has one instruction. (E1-0002)


    Adds one to current cell value under the pointer, and moves current value under the pointer value times to the left
    if current cell value under the pointer is less than or equal to zero. Most of the time, the cell value will be negative,
    so that means the pointer will move to the right.


No functions related to input or output exist.

Memory Structure and Code Structure

Tubsoil uses a tape-like memory structure with the length being limited only by the hardware memory. The only existing instruction not needing anything to execute allows the program to run on no code. This means that the only instruction will run again and again on the memory until the pointer cannot move(Cell value under pointer is larger than or equal to zero.).


Unfortunately, there are no interpreters built for this language now.