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User:Maxsteele2 It's NOT like this:

DON'T PRINT "Hello, World!"

It's not like that, for this is not a real language. So fuck off.


A — theoretical — implementation in the Common Lisp programming language shall be supplied. In the case of a successful interpretation, one of several messages will selected in an aleatory manner and printed to the standard output. A failure in the code evaluation will cause an error to be signaled.

By adding further entries to the +SUCCESS-MESSAGES+ sequence the behavior may be extended.

(declaim (type (vector string *) +SUCCESS-MESSAGES+))

(defparameter +SUCCESS-MESSAGES+
    '("Hello, World!"
      "René Magritte disagrees!"
      "But this may be a real pipe."
      "It is Not Even DOOM Music.")
    '(vector string *))
  "A vector of the possible messages to randomly print in the case of a
   successful ThisIsNotARealLanguage program's interpretation.")

(defun interpret-ThisIsNotARealLanguage (code)
  "Interprets the piece of ThisIsNotARealLanguage code and returns no
  (declare (type string code))
  (if (string= code "NOT A CODE
DON'T PRINT \"Hello, World!\"")
    (format T "~&~a"
      (aref +SUCCESS-MESSAGES+ (random (length +SUCCESS-MESSAGES+))))
    (error "The code ~s was even less valid than expected." code))

(setf *random-state* (make-random-state T))

An exemplary invocation, expected to succeed, constitutes the following:

(interpret-ThisIsNotARealLanguage "NOT A CODE
DON'T PRINT \"Hello, World!\"")