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Paradigm(s) imperative
Designed by ender_scythe
Appeared in 2016
Memory system cell-based
Computational class Turing complete
Major implementations Original
Influenced by Brainfuck
File extension(s) .tp

TP is a language created by ender_scythe in November 2016 as a fun little project. The language is centered around using toilet paper.

Language overview

TP is based around rolls of toilet paper. These rolls act as cells on a tape. Each roll starts at 255 sheets, and can be used at will. Once a roll reaches an insufficient amount of paper, the programmer must get a new roll, and cycle to it. TP has two conditonal operators. The conditional operators are both WHILE loops.

TP has 10 commands, the main being a subtraction operator.

Command Description
USE TP Decrements the current roll by 1.
NEW TP Moves to the next roll.
OLD TP Moves to the previous roll.
GET TP Adds a new roll to the pile.
REM TP Removes the newest roll from the pile.
YES TP If the current roll is greater than zero, do this.
NUL TP If the current roll is zero, do this.
END TP Returns YES TP and NUL TP loops.
DIS TP Display the ASCII value for the current roll.
ASK TP Takes an ASCII value and subtracts that from the current roll.


This displays ü.


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