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The COW programming language is an esoteric programming language created by Sean Heber in 2003. It is a Brainfuck variant designed humorously with Bovinae in mind. COW has twelve instructions (four more than Brainfuck) and is Turing-complete. Most instructions are moos, only the capitalization varies: mOo, moO, mOO, Moo, and so on. MMM, OOO, oom and OOM are the exceptions. All other character combinations are ignored and treated as comments.

Sample code[edit]

Here is the code required to generate the Fibonacci sequence:

 MoO moO MoO mOo MOO OOM MMM moO moO
 MMM mOo mOo moO MMM mOo MMM moO moO
 MOO MOo mOo MoO moO moo mOo mOo moo

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External resources[edit]

COW - Programming For Bovines (from the Wayback Machine; retrieved on 3 April 2013)