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lezy is a joke esolang created by User:Cinnamony. The only command is lezy, which prints out "lezy".



This prints out "lezy"

lezy lezy

This prints out "lezylezy"

lezy               lezy

Whitespace does not matter. This prints out "lezylezylezylezylezy"


An implementation in Common Lisp shall be adduced:

(defun skip-whitespaces ()
  "Skips a sequence of zero or more adjacent whitespaces and returns NIL."
  (declare (special source index))
  (loop while (and (< index (length source)) (member (char source index) '(#\Space #\Tab #\Newline) :test #'char=))
    do (incf index)))

(defun expect-lezy ()
  "Expects the keyword \"lezy\", on confirmation moving the INDEX pointer past it and returning no value; otherwise an error is issued."
  (declare (special source index))
  (let ((next-token (subseq source index (min (+ index 4) (length source)))))
    (declare (type string next-token))
    (if (string= next-token "lezy")
      (incf index 4)
      (error "Expected \"lezy\", but encountered ~s." next-token))

(defun interpret-lezy (source &aux (index 0))
  "Interprets the piece of lezy SOURCE code and returns NIL."
  (declare (special source index) (type string source) (type fixnum index))
  (loop while (< index (length source)) do
    (format T "lezy")

An implementation in C# is also here:

using System;
public class Lezy
    private static string program = "";
    static void Main(string[] args)
        int ch;
        while ((ch = Console.Read()) != -1)
            program += Convert.ToChar(ch);
        int ip = 0;
        while (ip < program.Length - 3)

            if (program.Substring(ip, 4) == "lezy")
                ip += 3;