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LogicF--- is brainfuck minus all logic, devised by User:PythonshellDebugwindow.


Command Meaning
+ Has a 2% chance to increment a random cell, a 67% chance to throw a KeyError because you pressed the wrong key when you hit 'enter' instead of 'delete', and a 31% chance to return false
- Renames your program '(value of all cells concatenated together).lf' and decrements all cells by 123
> Deletes half of your applications and then sends all your passwords to 100 random people
< Removes the character before this character, then moves execution back to that deleted character's previous position, but if that deleted character isn't at that position anymore, it will loop forever until it is
[ Executes the brainfuck [ instruction, then the Python code int(input("Enter your name: ")), then a quine in JavaScript for function _
] Sets the current cell to NaN, which in LogicF--- is a valid value for an unsigned 8-bit integer, then executes the brainfuck ] instruction
. Prints out the name, size, and contents of every file and folder on your computer, and somewhere in there it also prints out the value of the current cell as a base-22 integer (it might be hard to find if you have a lot of files/folders)
, Asks for user input, but the user says no
E Executes the program 'e.lf' as either a LogicF--- program or a Line Feed program randomly

All other characters are treated as comments, and any unmatched square brackets raise a TypeError.


Quine (ignoring the [ and ] and assuming the user inputs 0)

[int(input("Enter your name: ")) 0
(function _(){return`(${_})()`})()]

Infinite loop


X can be any character.