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MalTape is a brainfuck derivative created by User:A. Unlike most of the derivatives, it only has 8 bits.

The tape

It has 8 bits. The pseudo-commands are the following:

[, ], <,+, and -


Move the 8-bit tape left a bit.


Add one. Performs carries on the tape.

Example infinite loop:+<+<+<+<+<+<+<+<+

It loops forever carrying. Note that the leftmost carry maps down to the right end.


Decrement by 1. Does similar things as +.


Jump to x if the left four bits are 0.


Jump to x if the right 4 bits are 0.

Computational class

It is a BSM, since it can easily compile to the Minsky machine ignoring the limited bits.

Actual commands

<: moveRight
+: increment
-: decrement
[: leftMap
]: rightMap

To distinguish commands, you have to capitalize the first letter of the first command, like: incrementDecrement