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Robolang is a programming language made by Oklomsy, Robolang has a javascript interpreter (Removed) and also a lua interpreter.


Robolang only has four commands...

Beep, Boop, Bap, Boap

Beep prints anything you give it to the console.

For example: Beep("A") prints "A" to the console.

Boop checks if a number is larger than another number.

Bap does the opposite and checks if a number is smaller than another number.

Boap checks if both numbers are Equal.

For example:

Boop(1,2) will return false since 1 is not larger than 2.

Bap(1,2) will return true since 1 is smaller than 2.

Boap(1,2) will return false since 1 and 2 are not the same.


A new and improved Lua interpreter has been made by Sparksammy

It can be found Here.