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Boobeans is a language made by User:Oklomsy.

It is a normal language, it has a print function, it has a if function. it has everything you need! Just don't use if or any other result that might give you a boolean. it will betray you.


Print = Prints anything you give it! If = Checks if it is true or false!

Hello World

print Hello World


It's a Python interpreter

fte = input("What file to execute? > ")

with open(fte) as fte2:
 for x in fte2:
   if "true" in x:
   if "false" in x:
   if "print" in x:
     x = x.split("print ")
   if "compare" in x:
     print("It is true but also false")
   if "if" in x:
     print("I wonder if it is true and false???")
   if "+" or "-" in x:
     print("Error: It's true but it might be false too!")