Self-modifying BrianPh*ck

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Self-modifying BrianPh*ck
Paradigm(s) imperative
Designed by User:Orisphera
Appeared in 2023
Dimensions one-dimensional
Computational class Unknown
Reference implementation Unimplemented
File extension(s) {{{files}}}

Self-modifying BrianPh*ck is a joke language by User:Orisphera.


Self-modifying BrianPh*ck has the following commands:

Command Description
> Skip the next instruction
< Go into an infinite loop
+ Put a , instead of the +
- Put a , instead of the -
. Output a dot
, Input a character and put it instead of the ,
[ Do nothing; used as a destination for ]
] Jump back to the matching [

Anything else is a no-op. If a > has one after it, it skips only the no-op, so


is an infinite loop, just like


is, although






(or any other program consisting only of .'s

Infinite loop:




Conditional infinite loop:


If the first input other than +, -, or , is >, it halts; if it's ., it outputs infinite dots; if it's ], it crashes; otherwise, it goes into an infinite loop.