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worstscript, also widely known as sausage script, is the award winning scripting language near you!

Never before have we been blessed with this kind of features built upon the PHP platform for performance !.

Here is the SPEC for worstscript: Syntax is

                      <ADD> <VAR> <VARORLITERAL> |
                      <SUB> <VAR> <VARORLITERAL> |
                      <MUL> <VAR> <VARORLITERAL> |
                      <DIV> <VAR> <VARORLITERAL> |
                      <SET> <VAR> <VARORLITERAL>
                      <PRINT> <VARORLITERAL> |
                      <GOTOIF> <VAR> <VARORLITERAL> #goto if variable isn't 0.

You'll be happy to see that this is the only documentation. Because let's be honest, who reads it anyway?

So we parse worst script using PHP which is a script language that can run on basically any machine preferably another virtual machine.

In the next release we are planning to have a "GOTO if" statement. WOW We also plan of switching all parameters around, just because we can. You will notice once your programs start to fail.

If you find bugs and have to upgrade you'll have to upgrade to the latest and worst version which is promised to be highly unstable! Remember you are our testers!

Just look at these reviews from 2 people who loved worstscript, who were totally not me!

  • Hi, I have a medium to big sized company. Before we switched we heard developers complain about design patterns and difficulties with classes and namespaces. That is now a thing of the past. They can now focus on completely other problems now!
  • I always have problems with creating a HELLO WORLD application, gladly worst script is out to help!