Rebellent Brainfuck

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Rebellent Brainfuck is an esolang created by User:None1, it is the same as brainfuck, the only difference is that the program doesn't always obey what you want it to do.


Rebellent Brainfuck is very rebellent, every time it reaches a character, there is uniform probabillity that it interprets that character into one of the 8 commands in brainfuck, causing the result to be indeterminate.

Also, that sometimes makes [ and ] unbalanced, when that occured, Rebellent Brainfuck will go crazy:

  1. First, it rewrites the tape with random bytes.
  2. Second, it starts running the commands using the rewritten tape.
  3. Last, it accesses the 0x00000000 memory address, which causes the program to crash horribly.

These things make Rebellent Brainfuck chaotic! So the execution result is indeterminate, that means there is no example programs.

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