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Designed by User:SpaceByte
Appeared in 2023
Memory system none
Dimensions none
Computational class Total
Reference implementation Interpreters
Influenced by Hello++++
File extension(s) none

Hello++++++++ is a joke language by User:SpaceByte, to parody Hello++++, and the prior languages.


Prior derivatives of Hello, and it itself use h, H, or "Hello World" (or something similar), as the only command. However, Hello++++++++ is adaptive.

Your input is always the result. Therefore, a Cat, Quine, and Hello_World program can all be written one way. With this capability, you can say hi in ways never seen before in Hello, you can even say bye! Hello, World! (or similar).

Unlike Hello++++, it is also backwards compatible. 'H' and 'h' programs are backwards compatible aswell.


The first interpreter was made in C# by User:SpaceByte:

using System;
public class Program
	public static void Main()
		Console.WriteLine("welcome to the exquisite Hello++++++++ ide.");
		Console.WriteLine("gib code");
		string input = Console.ReadLine();
		string build = "";
		for (int i = input.Length; i > 0; i--) {
		    build += "h";
		if (input.ToLower() == build) {
		    foreach (char c in input) {
		        Console.WriteLine("Hello World");
		} else {
		    Console.WriteLine("\n" + input);
		Console.WriteLine("\nProgram Ended!\n\n");

The second interpreter was made in Python by User:None1:

if a.lower()=='h'*len(a):
    print('\n'.join(['Hello World']*len(a))