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Unified HQ9+, or alternatively, HQ9+++-*TCIX13BG2DidcoshwNZLEAR7U, is a language made by User:Cortex to unify all HQ9+ variants. It includes commands from just about every HQ9+ variant I could find, as well as some commands from other languages, and a few new commands unique to Unified HQ9+. Characters that are not commands are ignored.


Character What it does Language it's from
H Print "Hello, World!" HQ9+
Q Print the program's source code
9 Print the lyrics to 99 bottles of beer
+ Increment the accumulator
++ Create a new object and increment the accumulator twice. HQ9++
- Decrement the accumulator New to Unified HQ9+
* Double the accumulator New
T Change the instruction set to a Turing-complete superset HQ9+T (mentioned in CLB's HQ9+ blog post)
C Copy input to output CHIQRSX9+
I Interpret input as Unified HQ9+ code
X Make the language Turing-complete
1 Interpret all characters in the rest of the source code as their ROT13 variant.
3 Nop, for convenience. New
B Interpret input as a brainfuck program HQ9+B
G Print the interpreter's source code. (I is already taken, so I used G) HI9+
2 Increment the accumulator twice (for if you don't want to print ++'s explanation) New
D Make the language 2D, and add all commands from HQ9+2D New, but added to support HQ9+2D
i Increment the accumulator. If the accumulator is a character, set it the next ASCII character. Deadfish~
d Decrement the accumulator
c Make the accumulator a character
o Print the accumulator
s Square the accumulator
h End the program (it's necessary now, because of course it is)
w Print "Hello, world!"
N Increment the accumulator by 10 New
Z Set the accumulator to 0 (or to ASCII character 0 if the accumulator is a character)
L Blink LED (compilers and interpreters need not implement this command if they so choose) Embedded HQ9+
E Print a link to this very Esolangs article. Hexlr7
A Print the name of the programming language the interpreter was written in.
R Make the interpreter throw an error.
7 Do the following command 7 times. 77 followed by a command will do it 49 times. Any more than that and it just does it 7 times.
U Do whatever the creator of the interpreter wants this command to do New


Hello, World!


(prints "Hello, World!")



(prints "Hello, world!")



(prints "Hello, World!")

99 bottles of beer




Cat program


Brainfuck interpreter




Hello, World! except it's 2D now for some reason

D        vh                     <

   v     H            <

   >                            ^
         >            ^

Hello World 2D, Part 2


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