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Hi! I'm Cortex. I like making esolangs, but it appears the community on this wiki is a bit inactive. My current favorite esolang that I have made is Unified HQ9+ (check it out!). My favorite esolang that isn't by me would probably be .box

My original user page: I am not good at interpreters

Languages I made

  1. TEPCS
  2. W
  3. Apple Pie
  4. LMBC
  5. doEverything();
  6. +-=*/!&#
  7. Y/N
  8. Hexlr7
  9. $_$
  10. The Nonexistent Esolang
  11. 11CORTLANG
  12. Hexomnia
  13. Unified HQ9+
  14. Zull
  15. 2/9 of an esolang
  16. Print Function Deluxe
  17. Vague
  18. WII2D