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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

Hexomnia is a language made by Cortex, inspired by Insomnia. But, instead of reading each character as its (for lack of a better term) ASCII number in Decimal, like Insomnia, Hexomnia reads each character as its two-digit hexadecimal character number instead, making room for more instructions. Apart from the syntax, it is very different from Insomnia.


Hex digit What it does
0 Take a number from user input, and push it onto the stack.
1 Interpret the next hex digit as a number, and push it onto the stack.
2 Nop.
3 Print the top stack value as an ASCII character, and pop it off of the stack.
4 Pop the top stack value.
5 Double the top stack value.
6 Increment the top stack value by 1.
7 Decrement the top stack value by 1.
8 Ignore the next [value of the top stack value] hex digits. This is to make comments possible, but very inconvenient.
9 ][@}

Cat program