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Oof (Not to be confused with Oof!) is an esoteric programming language designed by User:Nirex0. Because every command in Oof can be represented with the same amount of brainfuck commands, it can be considered a TrivialBrainfuckSubstitution.

How it works

Much Like BrainFuck, in oof, you are in control of a single pointer, and you use commands to control that pointer, commands are created using a series of "o"s followed by a single "f"

Let's call the number of "o"s in your string OLen

Language Structure

Rules of OLen:

  1. (OLen % 8 + 1) determines what your command will do
  2. (OLen / 8) determines how many times your command will execute


Brainfuck Shortest equivalent in Oof Formula
> f (OLen%8+1)=1
< of (OLen%8+1)=2
+ oof (OLen%8+1)=3
- ooof (OLen%8+1)=4
. oooof (OLen%8+1)=5
, ooooof (OLen%8+1)=6
[ oooooof (OLen%8+1)=7
] ooooooof (OLen%8+1)=8


You can download the interpreter's source code here!