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An esoteric data structure is a data structure designed to be strange and different from other data structures. It may or may not serve a special purpose, or it may just be for fun. Esoteric data structures are useful because they provide new ideas for bases for programming languages.


Esoteric data structures can take the form of many things. For example, a data structure proposed by User: Areallycoolusername is called the "arch". It's based off of a deque. It's essentially a deque that has been twisted into a circle. Elements in this circle can be pushed on and popped off, but not without changing the surrounding elements in the arch.

Potential Use

Esoteric data structures could provide new ideas for the esolang community, supplementing, or completely replacing the use of other common data structures such as the stack, queue, and deque. It would help further deviate esolangs from their practical counterparts. They can also be the data structures used to implement and execute esoteric algorithms.

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