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Note: This article contains special characters.

Aheui (아희 in Korean language) is the first esoteric programming language ever to be designed for Hangul, the Korean alphabet, designed by User:Puzzlet Chung.

Many of the Aheui's concept is derived from Befunge-93, except the fact that it has no instruction for self-modifying, and that it has 26 stacks and one queue.

This code prints "Hello, world!":


Computational class[edit]

Unlike Befunge-93, Aheui does not specify limit of codespace; however, Aheui does not use codespace as a storage. Aheui has additional stacks instead. Since a pair of unbounded stacks can be used to simulate the unbounded tape of a Turing machine, it is likely that Aheui is Turing-complete.

Special characters[edit]

This article contains special characters that fall in the Hangul Syllable area of the Unicode charset. You need an appropriate font for the browser to display it correctly. Because Aheui is a two-dimensional language, using a monospacial Hangul font is highly recommended. (e.g. UnDotum)

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