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Hello! Hello Again! or H!HA! is an esolang created by User:None1.


It has only 3 commands:

Hello, prints Hello, World! with a line feed.

Again! jumps to the start of program.

World! is a NOP.

Commands are separated by spaces, and invalid commands echo themselves.

Since it only has commands for printing, doing nothing and restricted infinite loop, it obviously cannot be used for real programming.

Example Programs

Hello World



Hello, World!

A much simpler one:


Infinite loop


Infinite Hello World

The program prints out Hello, World! over and over.

Hello, Again!


  • Python Implementation Provide program as input. Crashes relatively quickly if Again! is in the program (If you don't want it to crash, you can add import sys;sys.setrecursionlimit(2147483647) in the start of the program).