Totally Accurate Malbolge

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Totally Accurate Malbolge (TAMalbolge) is a joke language created by Braden Best (User:Bradenbest). TAMalbolge is a derivative of malbolge, but much simpler and easier to program in.


There is only one valid program:


Which prints "Hello World!"

The language, due to its simplicity, can be mastered in as little as two minutes.

Exception Handling

Exceptions do not exist in TAMalbolge, but errors are helpfully reported in a detailed and concise manner:

   Too many arguments
   Not enough arguments
   Segmentation Fault.
   � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � 

Taking the feedback from these errors, one can easily conclude that the correct program is:

   Hello World!


Some errors may break certain interpreters. For example, typing this:


Causes "^A" to be repeated in an infinite loop in most interpreters.


The official interpreter, written in python by Braden Best.