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Hello++++++++ is a joke language by User:Yes, made after User:SpaceByte challenged User:Yes to adapt Hello++++++++ and make this.
It is based on Hello++++++++ which is based on Hello++++ which is based on Hello++ which is based on Hello.


It is backwards compatible with all Hello languages.

h              -  Print "Hello World"
H              -  Equivalent to h
"Hello World"  -  Equivalent to h
[ any input ]  -  Print the input
hw             -  Equivalent to h
wh             -  Print "dlroW olleH"
HELLO          -  Start program
GOODBYE        -  End program


Conversion to Python 3:

Make sure to put

def main():

before this.
[tab] means to press the 'tab' (↹) key, and [newline] means to press the 'enter' or 'return' key (↵)

h              -  [tab]print("Hello World")
H              -  [tab]print("Hello World")
"Hello World"  -  [tab]print("Hello World")
[ any input ]  -  [tab]x = input()[newline][tab]print(x)
hw             -  [tab]print("Hello World")
wh             -  [tab]print("dlroW olleH")
HELLO          -  main()
GOODBYE        -  [tab]exit()


Just wait for Hello++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++..