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Assemblei is a esoteric programming language made by Oklomsy it uses binary to form words, the interpreter doesn't decode the binary (Because Python.)


In assemblei, there are 8 cells, each cell is a digit in binary, you can move to different cells and change them. a, b, c, d, e, f, g and h

Command Description Example
! Moves forward to a different cell. !! (Moves from a to b)
? Moves backwards to a different cell. ? (Moves from a to (Empty) )
# Prints every cell's content. # = 00000000 (If no cells were changed.)
. Prints the cell you are currently on . = a (If you are on the a cell.)
+ Increases the cell's value. (There is no subtraction command) + (will turn a from 0 into 1, if cell a is 0)
, Clears all variables. , (will turn all cells into 0)


You can get the python interpreter at assemblei repo

The interpreter was updated/improved by Matt07734


Hello World program