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ErrorFuck is ErrorFull, but to brainfuck. It is created by User:None1, and like ErrorFullC++, some of the error messages in ErrorFuck are just nonsense.

If... Error Message
You use loops Loops in BF make your program unpredictable, please remove the loops and be predictable. *Removes all loops*
You use characters beside +-,.[]>< I see redundant characters in your program, delete them and be optimized *Removes all characters beside +-,.[]><*
You use + Only idiots use +!!! *Deletes all +'s*
You use - Using - on a zeroed cell causes different behaviors on different interpreters, so please remove all the -'s. *Removes all -'s*
You use , Using , will let the user decide the value of current cell, your program is yours, not the user's, so please don't use input and have whole control on your program. *Removes all ,'s*
You use . Using . is a signed of debugging, which in fact proves that you're stupid, so please don't use output. *Removes all .'s*
You use < < sometimes causes undefined behavior on many interpreters, so please don't use it. *Removes all <'s*
You use > Without <, > is unnecessary. *Removes all >'s*
You program is empty Are you crazy?! Why did you give me an empty program???

You can obviously see that any program will raise an error, and therefore it is completely unusable for programming.