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ErrorFullC++ is inspired by ErrorFull which is inspired by ErrorFree. It is basically ErrorFull, but to C++. It is created by User:None1.

The following lists all the errors ErrorFullC++ can raise, you can obviously see that some errors are nonsense, like the one that is raised when you use numbers more than 5.

Note: All the errors here are compilation errors.

Errors in ErrorFullC++
If... Error Message
You use cin and/or cout cin and cout are too slow! Use scanf and printf instead!
You use boolean values In C++, true is 1 and false is 0, also, 0/1 is 75% easier to type than true/false, so please replace your true/false with 0/1! *Replace all the boolean values with corresponding integer*
You use negative numbers Negative numbers are too abstract! Use positive numbers instead! *Replace all negative numbers with positive numbers*
You use floating point numbers Floating point numbers are too complicated! Use integers instead! *Replace all floating point numbers with integers*
You use numbers more than 5 A crow can't understand numbers more than 5! Use numbers not more than 5 so your program is readable by a crow! *Replace all numbers more than 5 with 1*
You use variable names longer than 1 character Variable names longer than 1 character are too hard to type! Wouldn't you prefer to use variable names with 1 character instead???
You use underlines in identifier names Underlines can make program obfuscated and therefore unreadable by others! *Remove all underlines in identifier names*
You use free() or delete or delete[] Why are you freeing dynamic memory? Don't you know that the system will automatically free them when your program terminates?!
You use loops Loops are confusing! *Delete all loops*
You use conditionals Please, make your program more predictable! *Delete all conditionals*
You use escapes other than \n and \t C++ beginners usually don't know escapes other than \n and \t! Please remove all the escapes for them! *Remove all the backslashes in program*
You use arrays The array is a way of cheating by declaring multiple variables in the same time. Please remove the array and replace it with variables.
You use headers Headers are a way of cheating by directly using code created by someone else. Please remove the headers and program from scratch! *Delete the headers*
You use #pragma GCC preprocessor Don't you know that compilers like Microsoft Visual C++ don't support this preprocessor?! Delete them immediately!!! *Delete all #pragma GCC preprocessors*
You use functions When calling functions, the system needs to push content into the call stack, making the program unefficient. *Delete all the functions*
Your program will not raise any error above It seems that you program is PERFECT!!! But I'll still raise an error because I want to.

Since any program raises an error, it is completely unusable for programming.