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Rockstar is a dynamically typed Turing-complete programming language designed for creating computer programs that are also song lyrics. Rockstar is heavily influenced by the lyrical conventions of 1980s hard rock and power ballads. It was created by Dylan Beattie in 2018, inspired by a tweet suggesting that "to really confuse recruiters, someone should make a programming language called Rockstar."

Although Rockstar is a fully-specified language with multiple implementations, it was created primarily to satirise the use of the phrase 'rockstar developer' in IT job listings and recruitment - the joke being that if Rockstar is a real programming language that's easy to learn, then anybody who wants to invest a few minutes in it can legitimately call themselves a 'rockstar developer'.

Rockstar is superficially similar to the verbose English-based syntax of languages like COBOL and Visual Basic, and includes some unique language features intended to "give the programmer an unprecedented degree of poetic license when it comes to the composition and structure of their programs."

'Hello, World' in Rockstar

Say "Hello World"

(If you can write this, you are a qualified rockstar developer. Congratulations.)

Truth-machine in Rockstar

Listen to the box
If the box is gone
Say the box.
While the box is not gone.
Say the box.

FizzBuzz in Rockstar

 Midnight takes your heart and your soul
 While your heart is as high as your soul
 Put your heart without your soul into your heart
 Give back your heart
 Desire is a lovestruck ladykiller
 My world is nothing 
 Fire is ice
 Hate is water
 Until my world is Desire,
 Build my world up
 If Midnight taking my world, Fire is nothing and Midnight taking my world, Hate is nothing
 Shout "FizzBuzz!"
 Take it to the top
 If Midnight taking my world, Fire is nothing
 Shout "Fizz!"
 Take it to the top
 If Midnight taking my world, Hate is nothing
 Say "Buzz!"
 Take it to the top
 Whisper my world

Project Euler in Rockstar

Code for Problem 2: Please note that there are two blank lines before the last line

Henry is gone.
Jack is harkworking.
Jill is gone.
While Jack is lower than 4000000
Let Jill be with Jack.
Let Jack be with Jill.
Let Jill be Jack without Jill.
Let Jack be without Jill.
Let Papa be Jack over 2.
Turn it down.
Let Papa be of 2.
If Papa is Jack
Let Henry be with Jack.

Say Henry.

Code for Problem 6:

Jesus is a scratching rockplayer.
Henry is gone.
While Jesus isn't nothing
Let Es be Jesus without 1.
Let El be Jesus of Jesus of Es.
Let Henry be with El.
Knock Jesus down.

Say Henry.

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