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FoolFuck is an extension of BrainFuck by User:None1. It can write normal programs, but it can also be used to write programs that badly damage the user's computer. It is mainly used in Windows.

Extended Commands

There are these extended commands (case sensitive).

Command Meaning
Y Start another process that runs the program itself
M Allocate 1MiB of memory
S Shut down the computer instantly
T Let this program start at startup
C"Message" Create a message box showing the text Message
D Delete the program
A Press Alt+F4
W Hide the console window
P"Executable" Start the Executable


DON'T run these programs in your computer unless you're using a virtual machine!!!

Fork bomb


Self deletion


Shut down the computer


Unclosable message box

+[C"Hello World!"]

This creates a message box with the text Hello World!, the message box is unclosable because every time the user attempts to close it, an exactly the same message box will appear.

Press Alt+F4 infinitely


Allocate memory infinitely until the computer dies


Infinite command prompt window


Let the user's computer shut down when it starts up