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The language that only puppies can understand.


The program memory is defined a single signed integer value, amenable to incrementing and decrementing, as well as output in character form.


PUPPY is an esoteric programming language that is made up of lowercase and uppercase forms of BARK, WOOF and the spacebar.

One thing to note is that PUPPY only understands your code if it contains upper and lowercase forms of WOOF and BARK. If it contains something like WOO or BAARK, the puppy will tell you that he doesn't understand your code. However, your code can contain something like BA rK because the puppy removes the spaces between tokens before reading your code.


After you have mastered the rule above, PUPPY is extremely easy to learn. Like in brainfuck, you start off with a value set at 0, but only one. To add 1 to the value, you should type an uppercase letter and to take 1, type a lowercase letter. Ensure that you're following the above rule. To output the ASCII representation of the value, you use space.


Print a letter

The following program prints the letter “H” to the standard output. Please note the trailing space character.



  • Common Lisp implementation of the PUPPY programming language.