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🕳️ is a joking language.


You can use these commands:

Command Description
🕳️ Query the user for input and output the same.
❗ Query the user for input and return it.
⚠️*string* Reverse the string and return it.
❓*string* Output the string.
{code} Repeat the code forever.


Hello, World!

❓*"Hello, World!"*

Cat Program 1.0


Cat Program 2.0


Forever Cat


Input, Reverse, and Output

This program queries the user for some input, reverses the same, and prints it to the standard output.



  • Common Lisp implementation of the 🕳️ programming language. Please note that the concrete character set deployed constitutes a dependency on the Common Lisp implementation; in corollary, Unicode support may or may not be a feature incorporated in the personal environment. The interpreter at hand has been developed and tested with Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) version 1.1.4 as part of the Lisp Cabinet 0.3.5 bundle.