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Paradigm(s) imperative
Designed by User:Heavpoot
Appeared in 2020
Memory system Cell-based
Dimensions ∞-dimensional (with all dimensions but one being zero-size)
Computational class Turing completer (solves the halting problem AND simulates arbitrary Turing machines)
Reference implementation Unimplemented
Influenced by The eternal desire for communism
Influenced List of derivatives
File extension(s) .txt, .com, .html, .exe, (nothing), .doc, .zip, .rar, .c, .cpp, .h, .dll, .b, .bf, .scr

!lyricly☭demote☭establish☭communism! is a good esolang. It is good. This is a good thing. Anyone claiming otherwise will be [REDACTED]


Language specifications

There is a 1D tape of unsigned 8 bit values, with a pointer pointing to a specific one. Each value is initialized to 0. The tape should be unbounded in both directions.

Command Description
> Move the pointer right
< Move the pointer left
+ Increment the memory cell at the pointer
- Decrement the memory cell at the pointer
. Output the character signified by the cell at the pointer
, Input an ASCII character and store it in the cell at the pointer
[ Jump past the matching ] if the cell at the pointer is 0
] Jump back to the matching [ if the cell at the pointer is nonzero
L If followed by YRICLYBAD, double the memory cell at the pointers value.

All other characters should be ignored are highly dangerous. If the interpreter detects one, the interpreter should delete itself, then all other files on the computer, then remove the computer from exis

All other characters are highly dangerous. If the interpreter detects one, the resulting nasal demons are to be

All other characters will never hurt you. All other characters are to be duplicated infinitely, resulting in a

All other characters will perform in-place addition, and also act as a quine, a hello world program, and hack the NSA.

All other characters are immediate grounds for termination of the user. If the users program contains any, then the user is to be terminated if possible. If not possible, then

Programs will never halt. The halting problem has been solved. If the PC reaches the end of the program, then the interpreter/operating system/computer/observable universe is to be immediately destroyed before this can take place.


Hello World:


Double user input characters' codepoints: