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I'm None1, a person who likes esolangs (especially Brainfuck ) very much. (Note: I get my username None1 from my favorite Python literal and that username was first used in PyPI because the username None is probably taken by someone else there. And after that I just use None1 as my username on any other websites that I registered, including this one.)

My Esolangs

Here are the esolangs I've created, ordered by creation time:

Languages that I know how to write

These are the languages I know how to program in:

My Articles

The articles I've created:

My Implementations

I also made interpreters for esolangs that are invented by others, they're (languages in brackets are languages I use to implement the corresponding esolang):

Challenges that I tried

I also wrote some challenges in various languages, including:

I also wrote a very short (and perhaps the shortest) Befunge-93 hello world program.

I also did Project Euler problem 1, 16, 20 and 25.

My Sandbox

User:None1/InDev, will contain esolangs and articles in development.


My favorite word

My favorite word is Nope.


he/him, it is also OK.

What I like

  1. brainfuck and Befunge. (they are good)
  2. Brainfuck code generators. (although they aren't very decent)
  3. Steganography. (it's amazing)
  4. Python and C/C++. (they're powerful)
  5. No-code esolangs. (they are funny)
  6. Other esoteric languages.

What I dislike

  1. Scratch. (it's useless and idiotic) But to be clarified, I don't hate Scratch programmers!!!
  2. *nix. (many packages (e.g. libbf, C2BF) are designed for *nix only and not Windows, that's dumb)
  3. Regular expressions. (they are unreadable)
  4. Closing files or freeing dynamic memory. (Wouldn't the system automatically do these when the program terminates???)
  5. HTTPS (Who needs HTTPS when we have HTTP?)

Note: In fact, Scratch isn't the language I hate the most, the languages I hate the most are Ruby and Perl and PHP.

What I believe

The shorter a program, the better it is.

My projects about esolangs


I'm currently working on BFFuck which is a high-level language that compiles to brainfuck. Its compiler is in Python and its goal is make programming in brainfuck easier.

Interpret Esolangs Online

I'm also working on a project that is a webpage which interprets various esolangs online using client-side JavaScript.


EsoDev is an IDE for esoteric languages, it initially supports 4 languages, but extensions are allowed to gain support for other languages.

My Accounts

My Homepage