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Interpret Esolangs Online is a project created by User:None1, it is a webpage that allows you to run esoteric languages online.

What the page looks like


Interpret Esolangs Online interprets esolangs in client-side JavaScript. It currently supports these 29 esolangs:

The interpreters are all written by User:None1 except that the Arithmetic interpreter is a slight modification of the interpreter written by User:PythonshellDebugwindow.


Due to the restriction of GitHub Pages, if you want to create a permanent link of your program, the program shouldn't be too long, or you can manually download the source code of the webpage and deploy it in somewhere else that doesn't restrict URI length.

Note: In August 28 2023, the project is also at replit at, and that page doesn't have the restriction

How to help

If you found a bug, you can write in the talk page or post an issue at GitHub.

If you want to add esolangs, you can write in the talk page or post an issue at GitHub. If you write in the talk page, you can include a client-side JavaScript interpreter along with the name of language if there is one.

If you want to collaborate, write in the talk page.

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